The general idea is to create an event where participants can try out CTF-type challenges. To encourage them to enter the world of CTFs. Give an opportunity to get a taste of the tasks that can be encountered in this type of events.  

General rules:

1.  Affinity Conference Participants event with one round. 

2.  Participants may compete as a team. Being a part of multiple teams is not allowed and will lead to disqualification.

3.  The organizer can add tasks during the competition.

4.  The organizer may ask for write-ups from the teams for any challenge of his choice as a proof of solving the challenge.

5.  The organizer reserves the right to subjectively evaluate the write-ups.

6.  The organizer reserves the right to change the rules in any time of the contest.

7.  Reporting bugs in the contest infrastructure will be rewarded. The organizer reserves the right to subjectively evaluate the reported bugs and amount of points awarded. 

8.  Any attempt to disrupt the contest will result in disqualification.

9.  Attacks at the CTF infrastructure or engagement in activities preventing other teams from solving the challenges will result in disqualification.

10. Sharing flags or other forms of collaboration between the teams is not allowed and can result in disqualification.

11. Let’s keep it as a fair play game.

12. The contest is a Jeopardy-style CTF.

13. Each problem has a point value listed. The scoring system can be static or dynamic. The team that earns the most points wins the competition. If two teams have the same number of points, the winning team is the one which reached their top score first.

14. Asking moderators in chat or email is allowed and no points will be deducted for asking such questions.

15. The organizer does not have to answer all the questions, and does not guarantee the time to answer.

16. All flags will be in the form AFFCTF{…} unless otherwise specified.

17. Eg: AFFCTF{whataamaziggame}

18. Challenges may have more than 1 flag to find. 

19. Flag is a sentence or a code that should be found in each task. There is no exact procedure to find them. The participants have to do several tests, tasks, and think out of the box to get them.

20. Any sort of brute forcing on the flags will result in disqualification; although, the participants may try out several flags if they are unsure of the result. The organizer is tracking and evaluating all of the submissions.

21. After the end of the round the prize winning teams will be contacted by the organizer to confirm their willingness and ability to receive the prizes.  

22. Each of 3 winning teams will receive a prize. If the willingness to receive the prize is not confirmed, the next team from the list will be selected. 

23. To be able to collect the prize one of the members of the team should register in Affinity Tech Talks 2020 conference. The email used in registration to the conference should be provided during registration to Affinity CTF contest. 



16 November 2020: Start at 18:00 UTC

17 November 2020: End at 18:00 UTC

18 November 2020: the winners announcement at 17:00 UTC



·       1st place: Around $500 material prize for a winning team 

·       2nd place: Around $250 material prize for a 2nd place team

·       3rd place: Around $125 material prize for a 3rd place team

·       4-10th place: Around $50 material prize for a team


Official Regulations